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ETL Testing

ETL Testing

ETL Testing


ETL is commonly associated with Data Warehousing projects but there in reality any form of bulk data movement from a source to a target can be considered ETL. Large enterprises often have a need to move application data from one source to another for data integration or data migration purposes. ETL testing is a data-centric testing process to validate that the data has been transformed and loaded into the target as expected.

What you'll learn

Course Conent

What is Data Warehousing?

Difference between OLTP and Data Warehousing

Data Acquisition

* Data Extraction
* Data Transformation
* Data Loading

Data Marts
* Dependent DM
* Independent DM Database Design
* Star Schema
* Fact Constellation Schema SCD (Slowly Changing Dimensions)
* TYPE3SCD Basic concepts in SQL

Overview of ETL Tool Architecture

Components in ETL Tool
*White Box and Block Box testing
Transformation rules:
* SAMPLE Loading from source target
* SORTER Transformation
* FILTER Transformation
* ROUTER Transformation
* EXPRESSION Transformation
* JOINER Transformation
* UNION Transformation
* AGGREGATOR Transformation
* RANK Transformation
* STORED PROCEEDURE Transformation
* Flat File
* SQL Transformation

 Data warehousing Life Cycle

Different Types of testing
Techniques in ETL

* MINUS Query
* COUNT Query


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