Full-service email marketing agency

Right emails help you build your brand and grow your business - We help you send right email to the right people at the right time

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to keep in touch with and retain existing customers and attract new ones. When done right, email marketing can meet your business goals. In fact, email marketing gives you the highest ROI when compared to other marketing strategies. Besides driving sales, visits and bookings from new and existing customers, email marketing helps in reinforcing your brand. Email marketing isn’t just about sending emails to subscribers. It’s about engaging your audience so that they don’t miss out on important information. Whether you are a local business or a company with off-the-charts growth, we have the expertise you need to grow your business.

Our team will help you send emails that stand out in the crowded inboxes of your customers

From copywriters and designers to analysts – we have an in-house team of experts to help you send emails that get the right business results:

Compelling subject lines

People are inundated with emails every day. It doesn’t take much for a mundane email marketing mail to get lost in that deluge. It is the subject line of your email that is the deal breaker. What you say in the subject line is often more important than what you say in the email. Our copywriters can help you deliver the right message at the right moment and make your brand look good in a few clicks.

Pictures speak louder than words

Our team of excellent designers and html specialists make sure that your email not just captures the attention of the customers but also is cross-device compatible. Be it infographics or animated gifs, we are always pushing the envelope and testing new ideas.

Insights to help you understand the performance of your email marketing campaign 

Our team of analysts check the key metrics of your email marketing campaigns to see exactly how successful your campaign was. We also help you with Google Analytics integration so that you can track metrics like site visits, purchases made back to your email campaign.

Email strategies to grow your business - how we can help you?

We can help you create and send:

Promotional emails: The sole purpose of sending promotional emails is to convince customers to make a purchase. Whether it’s seasonal discounts or free shipping offers – our copy team can write promotional emails without sounding too salesy.

Abandoned cart and transactional emails: When potential clients leave their carts, abandoned cart emails are a popular way to bring them back on your site. To help you succeed we create engaging emails with a catchy subject line and clear call to action.

 Welcome emails : The success of your email marketing strategy starts with welcome emails. Our team of copywriters and graphic designers will help you come up with interesting on-boarding emails that will educate your prospective clients about your products or services.

News/ behind the scenes: Email marketing is also a great way to share new updates or accomplishments about the company or employees with the customers. It gives a human touch.

Lead nurturing: We can help you send informative blogs, white papers, case studies and industry reports to your users to build trust.